Connecting brands with personal feelings Personal nternet brand marketing role is growing

, when the arena scores of love and hate on the Internet interpretation when we found, full of sound and colour, the slobber battle between the back of the products CEO are more active, personal feelings more and more competition, more and more.



Where is

? Successful entrepreneurs personal charm of the success is better than ordinary people, words more persuasive, and adapt to the Internet environment from the media survival also apply to CEO this kind of people living more right to speak…… IT industry leaders who stand up every time to speak, have become the basis of strengthening the marketing of products.

we take inventory of the Internet gangster in recent years, personal battle".

VS: the two chapter Lei Huang domestic mobile phone brand competition

millet and Meizu two domestic brand competition is the competition of origin Lei Jun and the Yellow chapter, and the industry is a voice, said Lei first to the identity of investors contact the Yellow chapter, after the mobile phone Meizu learn essence, thinking of using the Internet to create today’s fiery millet.

"I said The students surpass the teacher." is the meaning of it, but this is not authentic blue to blue, but "steal", you can learn a small also just, but also a "master", I was low-key yellow chapter popular in North and South in millet, finally sit still "up".


low-key products chapter comeback Meizu CEO, a gentle posture, from Pro to MX4, Meizu MX4, blue charm Charm Blue Note, Meizu router, from the "silent" products to a variety of Internet brand marketing promotion, slobber war participation, the chapter "Internet" consciousness.

Luo Yonghao VS Wang Ziru: are not worthy of gentleman

is probably the Internet in recent years on "marketing" is a word highly enthusiastic, all events almost invariably linked with marketing, and from out of various marketing techniques, when too much success and failure, gain and loss, the sound is too complicated, and more time to voice, you almost couldn’t recognize the wrong, it can hardly see people standing on a height to "feelings" in the debate, or to "reputation" or "brand".

but on the results, Luo Yonghao and Wang Ziru are not a gentleman.

Dong Mingzhu VS Lei Jun: from 1 billion no need to gamble to bet more than you


2012 Wang Jianlin, after gambling on the bet, in 2013, millet and GREE once again bet on the 1 billion bet millet millet sales within the next five years will not exceed GREE.

2014, Dong Mingzhu said that "GREE is not necessary to who, 1 billion gamble seems only to cause attention of every game; in early 2015, Dong Mingzhu once again said" GREE mobile phone minutes.

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