Three common food and beverage marketing trap

the good old saying: read 10000 books is always better than death, practice reading, food marketing is the same. Remember not to see a good marketing copy, this is often counterproductive. Through the summary of the majority of food and beverage business case, to enumerate the three common food and beverage marketing trap, I hope you pay attention to.

, shoot down unnecessary marketing

recall the first successful brand marketing in your mind: Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, sibelius…… Is not the most well-known brands, famous brands rarely? Why? Because food prices early is product quality, service and operation stability of accumulation process, this period mainly do "the idea", the brand expands to pave the way for later. But the majority of the boss did not cover the store hot, fantasy to do a marketing, second days immediately burst red. However, their products, operators also are in a complete mess, more marketing, more negative effects. The restaurant drainage service can not keep up, so many people, Gubuguolai; products can not keep up, today tomorrow sweet salty, but consumer brand favorability decreased; operation can not keep up, the team is no more able to respond to the marketing plan and execution. So, do remember before marketing: to see if they can have no foundation.

PS: you see Sibelius recent marketing hot, but can not see Sibelius 20 years ago are doing brand precipitation.

is the so-called: without a solid foundation, the earth trembled and the mountains swayed. A restaurant owner to do marketing, do not exaggerate!

two, your marketing is to solve what problem?

when you think there are marketing objective conditions, the next to consider: what is the purpose of marketing. In order to enhance the visibility in order to enhance the consumer experience, in order to drain? But do not say, in order to improve profits, because the purpose is too large, too many ways to achieve, there is no way to targeted marketing. This is why some marketing do cause no rhythmical effect. Because, before a lot of food boss do marketing: I do not think in the end is what marketing, in order to solve a specific problem? Marketing purposes and problems of counterparts, will form: Marketing hard appears to be very successful, but the problem is not solved.

, for example: think of the recent turnover less, do not do marketing. But no less turnover is in the analysis, what problem is: the dishes on the quality is not stable? Consumer tastes change? Or simply because of nearby roads, traffic impact? It is the quality control is not in place leading to the decrease in turnover, but also improve the marketing objective table are natural deviation rate, so marketing. Analysis of specific issues, according to the problems of marketing, is the correct posture, or just marketing chaos.

three, marketing do not "ism"

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