How to open a vegetarian market prospects

with the change of eating habits and pay attention to health, food is no longer popular, and vegetarian products market continues to expand. What is the market prospect of vegetarian food? Now, let’s take a look at these countries:

Americans called "carnivorous animal", has been very cold vegetable burger. Now the "idiot" has been in the limelight all over the United states. Now, the United States has more than 20 million vegetarians. In recent years, scientists in the UK have found that the content of the peptide in the vegetarian blood is 9% lower than that of meat eaters, which can cause prostate cancer. There are more than and 200 vegetarian restaurants in Hongkong. Members of the Vegetarian Society of Toronto, Canada, more than doubled over the past 5 years. A chain store has been favored in Germany, there is a "Rafe Mo Jiao" vegetarian chain has 2500 stores in the country, every day Business Flourishes. Compared to

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