Dawn sitting on the street to eat snacks users call for good health care

had this four kings of dawn handsome is captured the hearts of thousands of girls, and now he is a woman in the eyes of men to god. Recently, the dawn of the street to eat more snacks to sit down to earth won the praise of God, more netizens distressed, shouting to the attention of the body.

[street snacks] sit dawn according to reports, the dawn will be held for 6 "dawn Leon  30th  Anniversary  Random  Love  Songs  4D  in  Live  2016" concert tickets, yesterday officially open. In the past few days in the dawn of personal social networking sites to promote and explain the arrangements.

[] in addition to snack street by dawn, in Losangeles at dawn in the fans drying out the short film as a king he sat in the street to eat snacks, he said: "the hotel is not Room  Service (room service), will go to Seattle tomorrow, the street to eat fast enough (morning) four just starting to eat, Hongkong." Many users a message like "down to earth", he also has the idol fans heart hard, let him take care of the body.

[street snacks] sit dawn as Hongkong famous four kings, the dawn of the star road was an accidental. The summer of 1985, was educated in England at dawn, rest because of rhinitis return, but the accident was discovered, and invited the film, which made him interested in performing the work, decided by the game entered the entertainment circle. Although the family was strongly opposed to the dawn, still insist on competition and won the fifth championship and Biquan star rookie singing contest runner up, began his brilliant career.



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