Environmentally friendly paint to join the market a good way to expand consumer channels

is now the rapid development of environmental protection industry, especially in the home decoration, environmental friendly products are more popular, which is a typical representative of environmental protection paint. Environmental protection paint to have a huge income, then master the environmental protection paint to join the expansion of consumer channel technology is very necessary.

What are the


first change sales, according to buyers demand, create multiple buyers in store experience: the value of corporate value, brand value, product. Only a small part of the consumer experience is the product itself, and its huge value is actually hidden behind the product. Do a wide range of channels is to fully tap the product of this part of the experience, firmly grasp the hearts of consumers. Any consumer has the need to try, in the understanding of how the product is used, and the desire to meet the use of the process, the product sales will naturally improve. Once you get a taste of happiness, a long time you will form a habit.

at the same time, whether the store has no brand, and what kind of shops to engage in activities, in order to reflect the value of the products is the need to consider the issue. So the first goal, after the strategy, the last is the allocation of resources, the implementation of the plan, according to the steps to implement. In addition to sales growth, the target should also focus on the value of possession: one is the retailer’s share in it, and the other is the dealer’s share in it. There are two ways to narrow the channel to a wide channel.

One of the

method, store image. The image of the store is not good and bad points, narrow channel is the same, the key is to achieve a breakthrough in the image of the store, in other words, the image of the store must be more than the display of goods in store sales. Method two, unified image. In store advertising and continuous distribution. Terminal depth must be consistent with the advertising film, while using a demonstration or interactive game to close the customer and product psychological distance. Method three, selling system. The training of sales staff should focus on products, skills, rather than process, image.


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