Food and beverage store brand recommendation

China is such a large food and beverage consumer market characteristics of natural snacks will not be too small, there are signs of their own snacks. Each has its own characteristics, each has its own consumer groups

for catering investors, most of the project investment is able to make money. So, what are the snacks snacks list? What snacks easy to operate, get rich quick, make money more stable? Here to introduce you.

food and beverage store brand recommendation:


Beijing brought snacks, first reminiscent of doushi. Aihedouzhi Beijing, and to drink as a Douzhi enjoy. Douzhi can drink for the first time, it is like the swill smell made it difficult to swallow, drink niezhuobizai two times, the general feeling is different. Some people could be addicted to full search, nor drink not queuing. "Yandu small food zayong" said: "dross had for porridge, the old style of thin thick paste. No sex, come sit, the salt taste of a cup." And said: "the acid in a salty taste, who knew that food is exquisite beyond compare." It is with green beans 1 kg, the amount of water. It is actually made from mung bean starch or fans. It can be used to soak mungbean twist after remove skin, adding water into a thin slurry, poured into the tank bottom for fermentation, starch, floating in the upper is made. Fermented Douzhi have to use large pot to boil water, mixing into fermented Douzhi boil again, then low heat insulation, with the food with sheng. Unique flavor, especially market qiaoxiao.


with its bright yellow color, salty tender and crisp, fat but not greasy, the more chewing the more fragrant features of several famous. Some people eat chicken does not feel good, often complain about not bad bite, chew, and do this in addition to the quality of the outside, the reason is not to eat. Because of the characteristics of chicken itself have a crisp word, doomed to a bucket of chicken is not a knife chop into pieces, chew to chew on, not tear the mouth to bite, and share it, pay attention to the first bucket of chicken bone shaving, then slice, when eating with boneless meat. Chew carefully, the more chewing the more fragrant. From this point of view, is not a bucket of chicken to eat the food, but let people enjoy the food. Very popular with consumers.


noodle is Henan characteristic delicacy, has a long history. It is a kind of meat, meat, soup, vegetables, rice and the traditional flavor of the snacks, to taste delicious, affordable, renowned Central Plains, throughout the country. According to the different ingredients of noodle can be divided into: mutton, beef noodle, fresh vegetables, five fresh noodle etc..

Steamed Buns Nanxiang

called Nanxiang xiaolongbao Nanxiang Town is a suburb of Shanghai.

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