Hangzhou to promote the construction of the international electricity supplier center to establish a

We all know that

e-commerce enterprise leader is the Alibaba group, while Alibaba group is located in Southeast Hangzhou of our country, so the development of e-commerce in the whole of Hangzhou is better than some other regions have the advantage.

7 July, the State Council issued the "on Approving the establishment of Chinese (Hangzhou) approved" comprehensive pilot area of cross-border e-commerce, which marks the comprehensive experimentation area cross-border electricity the only officially settled in Hangzhou. As the State Council approved the implementation of the first national strategy in Hangzhou, Hangzhou and even the whole of Zhejiang, are of great significance. Currently, the first batch of 32 innovative initiatives have landed test, the vast majority of the country’s first. Hangzhou’s goal of building an international e-commerce center is another step.

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