Taobao clothing store how to seize the opportunity in autumn

whether it is a season, as businesses, naturally need to be prepared in advance, so as to be able to seize the opportunity to do business. Sellers are clearly doing seasonal products have to advance into the market, most sellers in mid July began planning to shop fall products and determine the main paragraph, and at this time the biggest advantage is to use the lowest price and enough time to test the explosion. At the same time, if it is easy to get the hand to grasp the search flow, but there is a technical, and today love diffuse to share how to do a good job in the fall of new products, fast to seize the flow pool?

1, style selection, shop style positioning.

if you do is non-standard categories, sometimes product selection will become the key point of success or failure of your entire season, but most businesses in the choice of products above, by virtue of their brain shallow consciousness to choose (is the most simple, I think this type of products to sell, not any) data and research support. In fact, this is very dangerous. This is a game of luck in battle, as you yourself how many horses, horses do not know how many enemy. Full market research and data analysis, to make their own play and goals more clearly.

how to choose the style through market research?

what is the explosion: explosive product attributes must be consistent with the size of all hot properties. If you choose the style of the property and selling vary widely, from the nature of the above has been far away from the explosion, because most people are not willing to choose the property, that is, the introduction of flow value will be very low.

through the fall of hot selling product attributes and particle size analysis and research, and then select the most suitable for explosive properties.

such as bust skirt:

: the highest

size solid pattern attribute

we’d better not make a design for a burst.

all the attributes of all examples, find the most suitable to do explosion properties, go to the market development of the above styles.

2, model selection, scene selection, style selection.

if the choice of style is the root of the explosion, model shooting, scene selection, style, selection of these photos on the quality of the explosion is the appearance of the. This is a society of yan. Taobao to sell products, in fact, the first step is to sell the picture. Sometimes a style can not become a burst, really look at the key point of a picture.

3, through train drilling exhibition linkage, quickly determine the main push products.

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