What are the difficulties of operating imported food

with the rapid development of trade, imported food began to become more and more people’s choice, the whole imported food market has ushered in greater development. In recent years, the rapid growth of food imports, to attract a lot of dealers. With the expansion of the import group of traders, the presence of a voice in the industry has been gradually enlarged. It is difficult to make imported food." So, the operation of imported food in the end where?

first, high cost and opaque. The cost here refers to the cost of imports of goods, including the cost of import contracts and import costs. Among them, the import costs include a lot of content, there are foreign transport costs, transportation insurance premiums, unloading charges, vehicle purchase surcharge, etc.. As a result of imported food from the country of production to the domestic links, and there are many similar to the opaque costs of foreign transport costs, resulting in the overall cost is high and difficult to accounting.

secondly, the import process takes longer. In the case of imported milk, milk production in the country needs about 8 days ~10 days, and then shipped from Europe and the United States to China, the shortest need for 35 days. In addition, the customs also need 2 weeks, commodity inspection to 15 days to a month. These links are required, no one can be omitted, this will inevitably lead to some of the imported food has landed the advent.

again, transportation and institutional risk. In general, foreign suppliers in the product before delivery, will be sent to import traders product photos, but the arrival of the scene is not the same, there have been damaged. If there is a 1/10 loss, it means that these products have increased the cost of 1/10. In addition, for the import of food, even when the market was judged to be legitimate, but with the increasing improvement of the system, there is a fine, may be ordered off the shelf shelves.

many people are complaining, watching and domestic similar products, why put up a sign of "imported", the price difference can be so much, then there is a simple analysis of small above, now your business difficulties of the industry have a more comprehensive understanding?

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