Where is the Chicken Soup Company

now what kind of enterprises are more focused on the integration of their own company’s operations, Wei chicken soup is a centralized operation and management model, is a food and beverage co.. Wei and Catering Services Ltd. is a theme restaurant, set production, food research, teaching and training, marketing consulting as a whole, specializing in Herbal Chicken promotion and operation of franchise chain management company. The company’s well-known brand "Wei Jia soup" for the company’s own founder, founded in October 23, 2007 by Mr. Feng Wuwei, the company is located in Henan city of Zhengzhou province university road or international; 7 period in 2008 the State Administration for Industry and commerce registration review of the exclusive brand. Wei Jia soup after many years of development and growth, has been opened in the country on the more than and 150 chain stores, repeatedly been rated as the "Central Plains catering delicacy", "Chinese famous snacks" and other honorary titles, has become the first brand of original China chicken soup.

Wei chicken soup company where?

company of "innovation, unity and enterprising" principle, uphold social and cultural value sharing, individual and team concept of operation, and system management system, with exquisite dishes, considerate service, clean consumption environment, to create a whole new catering management mode. The company actively expand the domestic market, will gradually be healthy food to the country, to join the chain to attract more aspiring to join the restaurant chain a person with breadth of vision Gongxiangshengju!

Wei home chicken soup Siwon in Luoyang ancient capital of thirteen dynasties, with the broad and profound Chinese traditional diet culture, inheriting the essence of Chinese culture with long Tang, scientific medical theory, selection of high quality old hen, with dangshen, Chinese wolfberry, astragalus, peony and other 20 kinds of nutrition nourishing Chinese herbal medicines, combined with modern production technology carefully prepared and. Its natural color, pure taste, rich nutrition. After eating, not dry, nourishing qi and blood, beauty beauty, nourishing essence and fill the marrow, and return to the original nature of feelings.

join Wei chicken soup advantage

advantage, a huge market space

China’s fast food market for 90% Chinese fast food stores, and Western fast food accounted for only 10%, the future development trend will continue to dominate the Chinese fast food, western fast food only as a supplement, can not become the mainstream, Wei Jia soup with local traditional cuisine fast food is a bright future.

advantage two, brand effect

Wei chicken soup has always focused on its own brand building, now has hundreds of stores and outlets, brand image of the people, by the majority of consumers and investors unanimously recognized.

advantage three, >

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