Open a good underwear store to avoid four mistakes

underwear is necessary in everyone’s life, whether it is a man or a woman, whether old or young, underwear is most needed, so the lingerie store throughout the year there will be Everfount source, now many investors want to invest in underwear brand stores, in order to better manage underwear store, for we explain some misunderstanding open underwear store:

underwear stores open four common mistakes: get too many monotonous

a good example: the biggest mistake is the first one to take too many investors! Not in front of the shop, he always thought that a new store must goods full in order to attract people! So take a lot, put the shop full of, is a good thing, but why not take it? He doesn’t know how to classify yourself into, put into a swing back up, immediately find all is black, and all the big, basic fine points can not find, although every single out look, feel good, but the entire store a piece of black. A little stuffy! So much like how to digest it.

underwear shop opened four common mistakes of the two: did not do on-site investigation

from the people he, the whole store is upscale (for us, we are all the county, my purchase price is about 120), he is in a certain position the spending power of women, do students younger sister business, according to the truth should be right, but a lot is not you like, a woman, can be said to be the richest man in town, she refused to buy, price cut very low, high and would not buy! Really can give money to buy a good woman too little, a lot of women into the store, but a look at the price of his commodity shook his head away, if not so simple, also some benefits, will do a lot of business!

underwear stores open four common mistakes of the three: business scope did not understand

in front of the shop, we must understand the woman’s habits, must know what kind of woman do not love most, so you don’t go into, such as some look very nice, but it is more complicated, and the severity of many, is I didn’t think the shop before

underwear stores open four common mistakes of the four: do not know how to put goods skills

try not to take a group to take, you open the monopoly except before I was to take a group of a group, set up good, but the customer is coming presbyopia, don’t know what to take, and groups of words, styles will reduce a lot of a lot of

how to open the underwear store is the most reliable, I believe that investors have seen in the above summarized for several mistakes, you can be very good to avoid. But the most important thing is to choose a quality franchise brand of underwear, Ann Tifen underwear joining is very good.

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