Wo Wo noodle bar to join a good project

now what small business is not how to do a good job, shop selling electricity supplier to seize the market, want to make big money to make big money but unfortunately not enough investment funds, many distress so that you do not know how to do a good job. Faced with the arrival of the traditional industries in the low tide period, the only solution is to survive in the transformation, the transformation of development. In traditional industries, food and beverage industry has been very popular, an industry as a market economy cannot leave the market, the future is really impressive! Of course, now the restaurant brands are also increasing, the catering market competition. Choosing a good project will help you gain a favorable position in the market competition. Wo Wo noodles, noodle innovation management form, is also a new idea of


catering to fierce market competition, how to choose the restaurant brands? Hehe you, change in the taste of food, with Shougan based effort in surface modified. In the store image, the traditional style of "Museum" into the "bar" element, that is, Wo Wo face it". Know how to innovate the food, very popular with consumers! Restaurant brand details please click > >

How to choose the

restaurant brands? Hehe noodles casserole, found in the historical calendar days of the Yuan Dynasty, by then fled to Sichuan area Luzhou chef Zhao Yakun invention, he combined with Sichuan local characteristics of the face in the original taste of casserole, with Chinese angelica, Codonopsis, anise, pepper, Cordyceps, Angelica and other 20 aftertaste of Chinese herbal medicine Sichuan spicy soup, taste with the Luzhou noodles somersault, become a local folk legend

a delicacy!

food and beverage brands to choose what? Until today, casserole is doing in Chongqing famous snacks, still has a very good reputation, and master Zhao Yakun casserole made soup, especially in the face, three halogen taste practice popular praise, eventually because of its superior taste by Qili group bought the copyright and re improvement, packaging, for the beginning of the formal promotion of


restaurant brands so choose. Hehe you, cultural heritage for centuries to create health delicacy, entrepreneurial projects, more than a dozen square meters can be quickly run into the store brand, is to eat or can takeaway meal, everyone can learn quickly, making the products in the taste, the traditional craft and modern technology combined with the tastes of the public, will provide technical training guidance for investors to join headquarters headquarters, kanenori package, make the products more in line with the majority of people taste.

pasta is a kind of food Chinese has been very popular, open a noodle shop business is also very good. How to choose the catering brand? Face wantonly popular noodle market, do not new? Hehe you don’t go the traditional route, more delicious to eat pasta, you choose a memorable


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