To death from her boyfriend sister abnormal marriage to love

everyone has the helpless people on the sidelines, personally on the scene, also makes people angry. To death from sister boyfriend, this is how the deformity love? What is the attitude of the parents and sisters? What is the end of the matter?

to marry, the parents of the sisters love object is high, which also led to Ms. Zhou could not find the object. Until the age of 28, she met the excellent chapter, began the first romance. Mr. Zhang is the overseas returnees, after returning home when planning in the enterprise, is under the leadership of attention, his excellent talent also let colleagues admire.

has not found the right to object to the "quasi brother-in-law sister" is often pestering him about worship, overseas experience. After leisure time, Mr. Zhang is often a person "his sister". Looking at the family to the boyfriend are recognized, Zhou lady filled with happiness.

to death sister to sister for her boyfriend


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