Guangdong outstanding students in south of the Five Ridges Taiwan the first stop arrived in Huizho

Guangdong and Taiwan is not far away, the two sides cooperate with each other, in line with the development needs of both sides, will provide more opportunities for cross-strait youth entrepreneurship. Recently, the Guangdong outstanding student activities in south of the Five Ridges, Taiwan students invited to visit the students in Huizhou, the exchange of cross-strait innovation and entrepreneurship.

"amazing, full of 3D printer to print out!" In Zhongkai high tech Zone Technology Innovation Center, to participate in the "south of the Five Ridges" of the Taiwan students expressed great interest in the 3D printer. Yesterday afternoon, the second session of the   Guangdong outstanding students in south of the Five Ridges, Taiwan, a line of 31 people first stop to visit Huizhou.

by half day tour, Taiwan students have mixed feelings. In the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine graduate students in Taiwan Lin Kunyang said: "I in 2009 to study in Guangzhou, while in Guangdong for many years, but there are many places have not been to the event to give us the opportunity to know more about Guangdong. We do not understand the new generation of Taiwanese living and working in the mainland, through this event, we have a better understanding of Taiwan businessmen." Lin Kunyang said that he is currently working on entrepreneurship in Guangdong, the older generation of Taiwanese entrepreneurial experience to provide him with a good reference, so that his entrepreneurial confidence doubled. Wu Baishu, who studied at Jinan University, said: "through this trip, I saw some of the advanced technology in Huizhou. Mainland market is very large, I have the opportunity to think of entrepreneurship in Huizhou."

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