How do you want to entrepreneurs to evaluate venture capital projects

want to start a business? But it does not assess how entrepreneurial projects, because it is the need for skills, according to the ability to rely on. So next to share with you to assess the entrepreneurial project tips to help you succeed more smoothly.

, a team (investment is investment, people is the most critical factor. In the commercial society, the most important basic quality is integrity, there is no integrity, no one will invest.


1) insight into user needs, extremely sensitive to the market


2) ambitious and down-to-earth


3) it is better to have two or three complementary people together to start a business


4) must have the technical ability, and can bring the team of technical leaders (Internet Project)


5) low cost rapid expansion capability


6) beautiful resume priority, such as entrepreneurial experience will be a plus two, direction (in the right time to do the right thing)


7) do the most fat market, choose the biggest market you can do. Only the big market to bring up large enterprises, small pond can not raise a big fish. There is a deviation in the direction of the words, will waste valuable entrepreneurial resources.

8) to choose the right time. The market is basically mature, companies have a prototype, the introduction of angel investment, the business will be explosive growth


9) focus, focus and focus. The best thing to do, so that things can be the ultimate!

10) business is verified on a small scale, have the opportunity to do one of the best position in a vertical market.


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