After 90 business star told how to run the business

unknowingly, 90 has begun to enter the entrepreneurial stage. More and more 90 entrepreneurial star boarded the entrepreneurship list and media news show, the young generation is how to run the business. These entrepreneurial star is also a new model of the entrepreneurial army and future.

90 after the debate about entrepreneurship in the community caused a strong reaction. Some people think that after 90 there are many disadvantages of entrepreneurship, experience and contacts are inadequate. It is undeniable that there are still a number of 90 entrepreneurs stand out.

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The good news from the 2015 global mobile Internet

90 CEO in the global entrepreneurship summit, super curriculum founder and CEO Yu "young creative new ways to Gavin"; Wei Wei tour founder and CEO Huang Huimin will share in the "new opportunities" cultural explosion era and many young entrepreneurs hope. According to the organizing committee recommended

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