Creative ideas to become a wedding planning tool to make money

a lot of successful people, all because of a creative idea and began to get the most valuable wealth of life. So is the wedding planning, creative ideas will bring you out of the ordinary wedding, let you have a wedding in the world, this is the money king. Next, Xiao Bian to share with you a wealth of ideas about wedding ideas.

Have a dream to chase the

Wu Xiaoping once designed "wedding scene of Oscar awards ceremony. At the scene, there is a red carpet host, with Oscar, of course indispensable winners. The winners are divided into two categories: the winners and the winners. The so-called "inevitable winners", refers to the arrangements of awards, such as "the best actor award" and "Best Actress Award" is that night by the new take; the so-called "the winners", is the temporary site selected winners, such as the "best dressed Award", "best actor" etc.. Such a special award ceremony wedding, it must be unforgettable new life.

entrepreneurial revelation: grab a "moving point"

individuality as the wedding planner, Wu Xiaoping insisted they will each wedding are planned to be out of the ordinary. As for how different, Wu Xiaoping stressed that the so-called creative, a lot of people

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