Display method to attract customers to break up the whole into parts

do a good job in the display of goods, will be able to make the shop more attractive, and thus make the business more popular. Therefore, how to carry out the display of goods, which is a very important business. Today Xiaobian to introduce "display method, break up the whole into parts" to believe that many shops business help oh.

Ningxia Shapotou is one of so many tourists, tourist consumers want in return when purchasing local specialties such as: medlar, Assorted Chinese Herbal Tea etc.. At first, I placed the store’s specialty to the left side of the store, but the sales situation in general. Through the study, I will store the products on display with "break up the whole into parts" way.

first, the production of new merchandise display shelf in the cabinet next to the smoke, so that consumers can see at a glance into the store and specialty goods.

secondly, marked for the specialty area, in the specialty counters above the production of eye-catching "specialty" logo, to attract consumer attention.

finally, I will "specialty" orderly display, respectively, different types of Assorted Chinese Herbal Tea centralized display to the upper container, convenient for consumers to buy; the two layer is divided into series of Chinese wolfberry, Chinese wolfberry, Chinese wolfberry, Chinese wolfberry boxed bags of wolfberry bud tea, cakes are displayed in order; the bottom of the Ningxia red wine price points display.

in addition, embellishment in the display space with plush "Camel" Shapotou tourism souvenirs, stimulate consumer desire to buy.

no matter how good the goods, but if there is no display work to do in place, can not make the shop more attractive. So, if you want to open a business hot shop, naturally also need to invest more energy in the display above. So, with a small series of these presentations, if you are also an operator, will help you manage it?

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