Contribution to the Annual Sectoral Debate by Raymond Pryce, MP

first_imgMr. Speaker, I continue to thank God for lending me breath each day as the yet unknown purpose that He has for me continues to unfold as His will be done. Please allow me also to acknowledge the unending love and support of my family – some of who are present in the gallery and one who at ninety eight years of age still provides through the examples of her life – that stabilizing reservoir which helps me to take everything that happens on this job seriously and with great responsibility yet to take none of it personally. I also continue to express my gratitude to the electors and people of North Eastern St. Elizabeth for their confidence, their commitment and their great patience and experiences which they have made available to me as I seek to be the best representative for them that I can be. One of those constituents Mr. Speaker is the Honourable Roger Clarke CD in whose footsteps I walk and from whose fortress I am able to learn on the job. Minister Clarke the value of your tutelage is priceless. No doubt it was the unseen and powerful hand of the Almighty that ordained it so that I speak in this Debate right after the excellent presentation which you have delivered this afternoon. Indeed Mr. Speaker not only is the Member – now serving in Central Westmoreland – a tough act to follow – his unmistakable beacon from that lovely hill in North Eastern St. Elizabeth gives light and direction to my path as the current Member from that great and wonderful constituency. Let me here publicly thank him for his contribution today as well as for the stellar service he has provided to the people of Jamaica and to the continued development of the Agricultural Sector. A record so well secured over decades – that one leading newspaper (despite criticizing him so unfairly and so harshly at times) recently conceded that he was simply “irreplaceable”. Mr. Speaker, I am honoured by the opportunity to contribute in the 2013 Sectoral Debate. That I am making this contribution, on behalf of the people of North Eastern St. Elizabeth on the day being observed as Teachers’ Day compels me to honour all of Jamaica’s teachers now serving, those who have gone before us; and also acknowledge those who are at various levels in their studies – preparing to join such an important and noble profession. None of us would be who we are – or where we are – had it not been for the tremendous investment that teachers have made in our own lives and by extension to this country…READ MORE Download Mr. Raymond Pryce’s entire presentationlast_img

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