SmartHome Metering System to Benefit Consumers

first_imgConsumers hampered by high electricity bills will have the opportunity to manage their energy usage more closely with the installation of a SmartHome metering system. The system, which is distributed in Jamaica by the PowerfulData Ltd. (PDL), promises a number of benefits for customers, particularly in the area of managing and reducing electricity bills, as individuals are able to much more closely monitor their energy usage and conservation efforts. Chief Executive Officer, PDL, Hugh Campbell explains that the technology allow householders to have remote access to the energy devices in their homes so that they can more closely manage their energy usage. He advises that when coupled with an energy feedback system – typically a cell phone, computer, or handheld device – the smart meter can help customers monitor their home electricity use. “SmartHome gives you external control over the electricity devices in your home. It gives you remote access to these devices, like your outside lights, a pool pump or your water heater, so you can actually manage those devices from outside your house, through your regular mobile phone,” he explains. The management systems are able to display household electricity demand on an hourly basis. Energy experts in the United States claim that benefit is especially important for customers who worry about high bills or who otherwise are interested in lowering their energy use, as studies show that just by becoming more aware of their homes’ daily electricity usage, customers can lower their electric bills up to 10 per cent. Experts also claim that with the use of a SmartHome device energy savings may be increased further as home appliances become ‘smarter’, especially ‘electric intensive’ air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and dryers and dishwashers. Mr. Campbell further tells JIS News that the SmartHome device gives energy consumers control over their energy devices and the amount of energy that is consumed on a daily basis. He also informs that the systems will be available to consumers locally at various costs, based on their needs and budget. He however notes that a final cost as not yet been arrived at, but that he was working closely with manufacturers to ensure that the devices are offered at an affordable cost.last_img

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