The store will never die

now soaring prices, many people have chosen online shopping, the store ushered in a huge crisis, but also because of the rapid development of online play too tends to be saturated, so the store and shop in the future how? In this regard, the outstanding entrepreneur Ma Yun gives some suggestions.

the rise in price, procurement, labor, housing cost increase brings great pressure to more and more of the real owner. Recently, the user said that the day of the opening of the chain stores more and more sad, the store is not the demise of the day, the store will never die, but the shop today, tomorrow’s trend." Cloud program mentor, Ma Yunru, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba group is an answer.

as a chain store owner, users will be better 93 "from 10 years ago began to open tomorrow, after her careful management, the number of stores increased to 7.

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