Successful home cleaners need to pay attention to what

Although the success of

shop is a lot of people dream of entrepreneurship, but in the current market, it is not easy to achieve this goal, we need to pay attention to more factors. In short, the customer is God, to seize the customer, leaving the guests word of mouth, is the biggest key to long-term operation, in order to successfully open a dry cleaning shop need to pay attention to the following aspects:

one, to be stable, do not lose

mainly refers to the old customers and clerks, as dry cleaners operators, in the treatment of old customers must use the truth. With the feeling of a friend to serve, the holidays can send a small gift or send holiday greetings, as far as possible with the old customers to ensure contact.

two, to fight the value of war, do not play price war

franchisees in the operation of dry cleaners, do not fall into the wrong price, when necessary, can be considered a total of prizes and gifts and other forms to disguise to promote.

three, to create a brand, not self destruct reputation

commitment to the customer, or insist on doing so, dry cleaners to join the business from the long-term development of the store to consider, not just look at the immediate interests.

four, famous brand, not a

to choose a good dry cleaning brand, in the market has a good reputation of the brand, the equivalent of your dry cleaners do free publicity.

shop said it is not easy, but if you do all the details of the work are not difficult, in short, if you want to successfully open a dry cleaning shop, Xiaobian introduced such small details you also need a lot of attention, so as to ensure that the operation of dry cleaners to gain greater success.

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