Subway sweep code in the end is what

two days there is a news appeared in a variety of media, that is, the Beijing subway, a man of the age of 17 for refusing to scan the code made by some of the excesses, was eventually detained. See this news may be for the man’s behavior is not recognized, but for the so-called subway sweep code also has a curious, do not know what it is, what kind of people.

In fact,

, now in the city the population, a large part of all is not in every hour and moment looked down at his mobile phone, or chat with others, or reading books; or to see some news and information; and this phenomenon has also led to the emergence of a new group of people, that is a group of young "entrepreneurs"; I believe that many people would have met!

in the subway station waiting for the subway, and their friends to chat, or reading a novel, suddenly came to a young man or a young girl; they will say "Hello, I am from XX Province, this year just to venture in Shanghai, this is our public number, can help us look at increased popular?" The characteristics of this group of people; is relatively young, but the rhetoric is basically a meaning like this; this group of people is really entrepreneurs? Should we give their attention.

they place basically is the subway station, the flow of people the platform very much; but basically on the platform will have a relatively large number of people waiting for the next train; plus the subway wireless network, so many people will choose when waiting for the subway, take out mobile phone play; and they are the choice of subway station in the crowd is playing mobile phone up, let them help sweep code; and because of their conversation in and passengers in the mood are good, and very sincere.

and most of the passengers when the mobile phone is on hand, if you do not agree, the heart will feel sorry, but also afraid to help their information security, but there was still a large part will help sweep the yard look; and they will say their account is absolutely safe, if found to have what concern the problem can also be directly canceled concern; this will help dispel a lot of people’s concerns, so that they can easily find the help they scan code attention crowd.

are these people really entrepreneurs? They pay attention to our account is what to do; a reporter for the group had a secret investigation. The reporter disguised as passengers look, then in the subway station not far from where these people took out a mobile phone; immediately with a two-dimensional code here, let reporters to help sweep, for their entrepreneurial power; after the reporter sweep the yard, he through the micro signal to their attention and chat, after gaining their trust, put forward wants to join.

then he recommended

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