Where is suitable to open jelly shop

not only children like jelly, adults are also keen, this project had more entrepreneurs affirmation, so, how to find a suitable franchise store opened jelly? Xiaobian this for us to do a detailed introduction, hope to enlighten you.

jelly store opened in which good? When it comes to the location of the details, we must do business survey, on the local level of consumption, consumer occupation, age of the investigation clearly, different places have different life level, consumption level is different, so in the site must be clearly investigated


open jelly store must find a convenient transportation is indeed, jelly shop in which good? Or is the consumer intensive areas: consumer intensive areas including the main areas of the region with supermarkets, shopping malls and other markets can form the people’s consumption, population flow, consumption, help to open stores


jelly store opened in which good? Novice jelly store will inevitably encounter competitors in the site should be clear, and the last is the rent, which is related to the operation of the latter, rent and profit directly linked. When considering the rent, you must combine specific store analysis is worth. Where is the jelly shop open? There is a shop in the actual use of the area, will affect the operation of the combination model, the general jelly franchisee store at 20 square above the minimum requirements, should be considered in the choice of the facade appearance image, is suitable for billboard, into the billboard image is prominent, eye-catching.

is more than the need to pay attention to some of the fruit jelly shop, I hope you should pay more attention to this. Jelly franchisee in addition to the above-mentioned knowledge, in the rental housing, but also to investigate the use of the housing and rent, do not cause their investment burden, shop business need to think of.

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