Anshan employment and entrepreneurship certificate issued from June

in the legal environment, whether it is to choose employment or entrepreneurship, naturally need to have relevant documents. To this end, the relevant documents will be issued throughout the country, while the employment and entrepreneurship in Anshan will be fully issued in June.

6 month 1 onwards, the public will apply for a new employment and entrepreneurship certificate. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Anshan Municipal Bureau of labor and employment services, the city’s first in the province to promote the employment and entrepreneurship certificate, from a separate college graduates for the release of all workers to be distributed. The original employment unemployment registration certificate is still valid without replacement.

"unemployment registration certificate" issued more than 70

2011, along with the development of the employment unemployment registration system, the city took the lead for the employment difficulties, enjoy employment support policies, personnel, registered unemployed persons and the new recruit personnel four personnel to handle the "unemployment registration certificate", then spread to all staff to participate in the social insurance. Five years, our city has handled "unemployment registration certificate" 70 volumes, 28071 unemployed, college graduates employment difficulties, is based on registration card to enjoy employment support policies.

employment and entrepreneurship certificate will be issued next month

since the end of 2015 3, the city in the province took the lead in the first year of graduating college graduates employment and entrepreneurship certificate issuance and employment unemployment registration services. Last year’s graduation season, two local college graduates start self-service "Employment Permit", only when the normal college school leavers graduates accreditation rate is above 60%, as of 3 at the end of this year, the cumulative distribution of college graduates "Employment Permit" more than 6000 copies.

"employment unemployment registration certificate" turned into "employment and entrepreneurship certificate", reflects the policy guidance to support entrepreneurship, to a certain extent, mobilize the enthusiasm of employment and entrepreneurship. Labor employment service bureau responsible person, in order to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation policy implementation, to encourage workers to achieve the employment through entrepreneurship and other forms, the city from June 1st onwards will be the implementation of "Employment Permit" issued a comprehensive. From the individual college graduates to be issued to all workers.

employment entrepreneurship certificate to see the way to receive

the city without household employment laborer to the town and street public employment service agencies, all forms of employment (including self-employed workers), can I apply for by the workers, but also by the employer to permit certificate of entrustment and accreditation and other materials to the employer in the county where (area, city) for more than a public employment service agency.

During the

graduation year of university graduates in the recommended

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