Doing business to save Qian Qishi is to make money

is now a lot of people do not do business, not much money, but it is very wasteful, resulting in smaller profits. In fact, doing business investment, the savings need to save time, after all, the money is actually to make money. I opened the tobacco and non-staple food wholesale department, do wholesale business to purchase large amount of goods warehouse occupied too much, I live in the city, rent a 50 square meters warehouse, annual rent of around 16 thousand yuan.

I rented a total of 3 warehouses, an area of 150 square meters, the annual rent of about $48 thousand. In order to reduce the cost of rent, I generally purchase according to customer orders. According to the plan to purchase, greatly reducing the blindness and randomness of the purchase, the purchase of goods to reduce the use of 3 warehouses is clearly a waste. So, I gave up a warehouse, a year can save 16 thousand yuan rent.

according to the order of purchase, one is to reduce the cost of rent, the two is to reduce the capital occupancy rate of three is the date of manufacture of the product have been effectively protected, customers can get their needed goods. Before the purchase, I always go to the warehouse, often 3 anoverflowing.

due to excessive purchase, some goods to sell to the last date is not very good. Customers will naturally not satisfied with the goods, according to the purchase price or sales, or lose some of the money sales. Not only occupy the capital, increase the cost of rent, but also reduce the profit margins, really do not try.

business to make money while it is, but for the current business environment, money is not easy, if wasteful will undoubtedly affect business. As the saying goes, saving money is getting it as sure as a gun. Now money almost inaccessible, and find ways to reduce the cost of doing business, in order to better take care of their own shops.

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