Choose underwear to join the brand need to pay attention to what matters

high quality underwear is everyone needs, in the large population of the Chinese market, is not a small amount of demand, and thus opened a lingerie store to become the choice of many people. As we all know, entrepreneurship has some difficulty, want to harvest success, it is necessary to pay attention to, but also to master the method, understand the necessary precautions. So, novice investment underwear industry, in the choice of brands need to pay attention to what? Let’s find out.

1, brand positioning and local matching

underwear brands on the market a lot, the product homogeneity is more serious, so the choice must understand the brand’s market positioning? Is the mainstream of fashion trends? Be sure to choose the most competitive products in the market or the most growth potential of the product, which is related to the store’s future marketing competitiveness.

secondly, before the selection of the brand must first understand the location of their own market, especially the intention to set up shop around the same situation. If the local consumption level is not high, do not easily buy high priced underwear; if there are a lot of underwear shop shop around, the competition is fierce, it can set the target at the wrong operation, or Home Furnishing Swimsuit Dress, the effect will be good.

also consider consumer preference in origin, mainly sales of consumer favorite brand origin?? roughly position to decide according to the situation of the brand, and then targeted for the brand, can be more effective, improve the success rate of. In the selected to join the brand, to ask yourself a few questions: consumers can accept the price is how much? I hope to join the brand style? What are the special preferences of consumers in purchasing? How much money is invested in the project?

at this point, you may have a few candidates for the brand, and now can be selected according to the following items:

2, whether there is a sustainable profit space

when many investors choose the brand focus too much on virtual standard retail price and discount rate is very high, many brands are OEM or the same origin, so the product is very similar, if the store price of the same product fabrics and styles vary greatly, it will have a negative impact on sales, so do not just look at the discount rate, and should pay more attention to the value of the product, which is the main competitive winning shop.

second, according to the delivery discount and exchange rate to calculate the financial plan, because there are a lot of hidden items on the surface can not see. Dealers need to invest about this: Several rental shops (may be a one-time payment of three months or even six months); shop decoration costs (investment); purchase amount; wages; monthly store daily expenses (utilities).


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