Hot and cold box ten brands list

under the power of science and technology, a variety of products to facilitate our lives have been coming out, which is one of the hot and cold box, and now has been more and more widely used. And the brand of the market is also increasing, so many brands, so that small series to introduce you to the hot and cold box ten brands list.

cold and hot box for high and low temperature reliability test. Spare parts and materials of electronic and electrical, aerospace, automobile and motorcycle, rubber, plastic, metal, ship weapons, universities, research institutes and other related products in the high and low temperature changes, test the performance.

will pack into -20 C freezer freezer for 24 hours full of cold storage, in accordance with the standard configuration, foam insulation inside temperature is maintained at 8 DEG C can reach 90 hours, suitable for all kinds of long distance transport of drugs at low temperature.

cold box ten brand list: Fawkes NFA (NO.1 new high-tech enterprises, engaged in automotive electronics and automotive lighting technology research and development and production of the manufacturers, the new Fawkes photoelectric technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)

cold box ten brands list NO.2:MOBICOOL mobicool (manufacturer of portable refrigeration products of semiconductor cooling and heating box with DC Refrigerator Compressor R & D and production and sales, Meigu Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.)

cold box ten brand list: NO.3 GINT (Gabriel brand-name products in Zhejiang Province, the famous trademark, the high-tech enterprises in Jiaxing City, torch light mechanical and electrical enterprises, Pinghu Meijia thermal insulation container industry Co Ltd)

cold box ten brand list: NO.4 PNDA (powerland focused on semiconductor refrigerator freezer / refrigerator compressor motor vehicles development / production / sales of three-in-one high-tech enterprises, Shenzhen Puneng Industrial Co. Ltd.)

cold box ten brand list: NO.5 (micro ting good manufacturers, with mold development and production of domestic electronic car refrigerator refrigeration industry ten big brands, Ningbo Ting Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.)

cold box ten brand list: NO.6 Coleman Cooreman (founded in the United States, the world’s leading professional manufacturer of outdoor leisure products, outdoor equipment, automobile industry leading brands, Coleman Guangzhou outdoor leisure products Co. Ltd.)

cold box ten brand list: NO.7 China General (founded in 1998, the cold insulation box enjoys a high reputation in the industry, focusing on civil passive refrigeration and cold chain logistics equipment in the field of technology development company, Beijing China trade.

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