Shop name taboo which

today with this name, tomorrow’s not fit so change again, wait a few days found that the business is not good, then another, take this name, the business of the shop is good? There are some shops, in order to attract the attention of customers, at the cost of illegal, this name even creative will not get real long-term business. Therefore, the shop name would like to be more appropriate, there are more taboos. So, shop name taboo what?

1. bogey free

will take any good shops once can not be arbitrarily changed, naming should be stable, so is the clothing store. Once registered after use, can not change, this is because the shop’s name after registration, and after repeated advertising, familiar to the public in the course of time, the characteristic value will form a credit, quality, will have an impact in the community, and to further improve the advertising effect.

2. avoid illegal

avoid alleged infringement, shop name to avoid breaking the law.


brand (brand name) is the goods on the basis of the word mark, is an important part of the combination of trademark, and can therefore be closely related and mutually dependent shop, shop name to be serious. Specifically, to comply with the requirements, meet the requirements.

first, to comply with the relevant provisions of the national law. If it is prohibited to use words that are identical or similar to the name of the state or the name of an international organization, it shall be forbidden to use the words which are characterized by ethnic discrimination, exaggerated propaganda and deceptive words as the name of the shop.

secondly, to comply with the requirements of taboo civilization, can not use those vulgar, obscene and contrary to social morality as the name of the shop.

3. do not use polyphone ambiguity,

shop named using the polyphonic character, like the use of unfamiliar words will bring great inconvenience to people’s call, meaning itself is not clear. The polyphone name, name has two or more pronunciation is more easy to let a person feel at a loss.

4. avoid bad intentions, contrary to ethics, public order and good customs

for example, you are engaged in the apparel industry, and whimsical, trying to "heroin" as the name of the shop. Then you will certainly be opposed by the relevant departments. Because the term "heroin" with drugs not only has the same word homonym apparently, in violation of the principle of the so-called good customs of.

5. avoid partial word

is the brand name for consumers to call, this should take into account the word >

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