Letter to the Youths

first_imgAlayea S. CooperContact # 0886-259262Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Dear Friends,I have been inspired so deeply that I can’t restrain myself but to voice out what I have in mind. Although I am not perfect, but I am trying to work on myself so I can be favored by the Lord.Friends, I am taking the liberty of writing these lines of encouragement, hoping that there will be some positive alterations in our behaviors as young people considered as future leaders.Fellow young brothers and sisters, I noticed that our activities these days have become so secular and we have indulged ourselves in sinful pleasures. I say this with heavy heart, that we have become utterly impious and have no fear at all.To be frank, yes, we talk and behave like people who belong to themselves and not owned by anyone. This is the reason why our lives are been short like a candle light because we are not afraid of anyone including our own parents. We lack civility and sometimes act like we are possessed by some fiends.We give names to ourselves and act according to them, cut our hairs like notorious criminals. I don’t really know what spirit has taken over us these days. Our dress code has become one major problem, too, all is secular.Fellow young brothers and sisters, I beseech you all to please desist. This a time to know that we are owned by someone and that person wants us to do what He likes so that we can live longer as He promises us.My mind is filled with hope and pleasure and very optimistic that there will be some positive changes in our behaviors after the reading of this inspirational note.Finally friends, after reading this note please pray this prayer aloud:Angels east, angels west, north and south do your best and tell your Boss to please help us change our vile behaviors as young people. We know that we have gone against your time without number. We also pray for the immediate stoppage of the secular and sinful pleasures we have indulged ourselves into. We pray for longevity so that we may be able our country to the next level.Thanks you Lord Jesus because we know that we have already been forgiven despite our past problems, in Jesus’ special name, AmenOne of Your Affectionate brothers,last_img

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