The popularity of Microsoft wearable devices began to temporarily halt the troops and wait

in recent years, wearable devices began to appear in the market, and more and more users are sure. Today, wearable devices have become popular, domestic and foreign giants have joined the wearable device market competition, and Microsoft Corp does not seem to worry about the launch of their products.

select "striking" Microsoft Corp, in Windows  Phone market sales growth at the same time, there are "Jedi" forces and opportunities?

up early to catch a late set

consumers on wearable devices no longer strange, from smart watches to health equipment, has gradually infiltrated into people’s lives.

Microsoft into there are many rumors, but the field of wearable devices, Microsoft is not publicly released with Google glasses, apple iWatch performance concept, behavior low-key mystery. Recently, foreign reports have said that Microsoft has been the prototype of its smart watch work handed over to the Surface development team, from the product release and a step forward, and Microsoft officials did not confirm the news.

but the market can wait for Microsoft now how long is unknown, from research institutions report, user interest in wearable devices grow with each passing day.

NPD research pointed out that the wearable device market is growing rapidly, the number of users exceeded 500 million of China’s smart phone market, more and more smartphone users are willing to buy

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