first_imgby Bill NealFor New Pittsburgh Courier :10 Shame on you Pittsburgh. Shame…Sham…Shame!! Shame on each and every one of you that did not attend Nate Smith’s funeral. And you know who you are. And don’t tell me, “I couldn’t make it to the funeral so I went to the viewing.” Everybody knows that you go the viewing, so you have an excuse to not go to the funeral…C’mon man, you all know it.Here’s the sports analogy of those who should have been there: BILL NEAL •Strike 1—Everybody he helped get a job…Hundreds of you!!•Strike 2—Every public official in this city…every one of you!!• Strike 3—Every community leader in this city…every one of you!!“Strike three. You’re out!!”You’re out. You’re all out and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Without Nate Smith, Tim Stevens, Harvey Adams, Byrd Brown, Bob Pitts, Bouie Hayden, and others of their magnitude, many of you would have never been able to walk through the doors they kicked in. That half full church should have Been overrun into the street. What’s wrong with this city???:09 Speaking of this city and the leadership or the lack thereof, do you not see, hear, or understand that there are approximately 50 or more TV, radio, newspaper, sports outlets in western Pennsylvania, and maybe five Blacks in total and no Black or Hispanic women whatsoever!And in a city where African-Americans dominate football, basketball, track, boxing, and a growing percentage of baseball, soccer, and tennis and there is not one sports talk show host of color and not one permanent co-host on the two prominent Sunday night sports talk shows…C’mon Pittsburgh. Wake up!!:08 Oh my bad. Champions Live Sports Talk Show has three Black co-hosts and two women. (Seen monthly on Channel 21, PCTV Pittsburgh cable).:07 Tiger’s back! But he lost the Masters because he was one “Hooker” short on the down low. He’ll be ok.:06 Manny Ramirez out of baseball for doing drugs. He was making 100 million dollars. Sorry, I can’t shed a tear.:05 Lakers lost their last five games because they don’t matter. They know they have the West won. Who in the west can beat them? They’re saving it for the playoffs. But I am starting to worry about the Celtics.:04 I’ll give props where props are due. The Pirates are looking a lot better. The hitting is good and should improve. The fight is there, the manager is on point… yeah but…(you know it was coming) the pitching is still suspect. “Let’s keep hope alive.”:03 Steelers go to camp in 90 days,:02 Thanks city and WPIAL fans for supporting the 36th Annual Kenny Durrett Memorial Classic. Way to show up and support our student athletes, the young people that are doing good things.Here’s the highlights:•Over 1,000 people all day long•City won two games & WPIAL won two•New middle school division coach Ruthie Walker and son brought great boys and girls games with Pgh. Obama, Mt. Lebanon and Imani.•Slam dunk contest was off the charts•The visiting New Jersey team was great and very professional in winning a close one over our Pittsburgh All-stars.•The star guard for Jersey, John Johnson is on his way to Pitt this season. He’s 6’2”, can jump, lightning quick was the classic MVP…He’s the real deal!•Petra Ministries and Mt. Ararat Baptist Church beat up on Macedonia Baptist Church. Thanks for coming out Pastor Curtis! (Bring your shoes next year).•Thanks for Terrence T. Taylor, Reggie Tolliver, B.B. Flenory, and all the legends for coming out. All legends and ex-players should come out every year in memory of the late, great Kenny Durrett. It’s big fun when we all get together and tell lies again…you tell a lie…I tell a lie…we all tell a lie!•27 college coaches in attendance and 11 scholarships presented!!!•Congratulations Coach Ace Pippens, Classic director. Job well done.:01 Let’s get ready to RRRUUUMMMBBBLLLEEE. Ladies and gentlemen. don’t miss Rayco “War” Saunders, the light heavyweight champion of the world—first official book signing and autograph session April 21 at Morgan’s Restaurant on Rodi Road in Penn Hills at the Penn Hills Shopping Center from 4-10 p.m. Free admission, cash kitchen and cash bar. Featuring guest bartenders, the Diamond Models (Bring some money, mmmaaannn!) Special guest Wayne Moody and the best sports throw-back jerseys in town. Proceeds from the event will benefit Rayco “War” Promotions charities and Champions “Safe Summer” Programs. For information, call the Champions at 412-628-4856 or “War” at 404-721-2174.“Double Overtime”After I got a light tap on the shoulder and a word in my ear, I was quickly reminded of the biggest mistake made on the all-time, greatest basketball players list this year. The word was “Hassel” as in Mark Hassel, quite possibly the greatest power forward to come out of the city before DeJuan Blair. Drafted by the Chicago Bulls during the Jordan era after leading the nation in rebounding at Northeastern University. A thousand pardons Mark, you are a true legend. Now I am going to punish myself for this grand mistake. Hum…I think 100…no, 50…no,no, 25…okay 10 pushups should do it!“Triple Overtime”Thanks Chuck Sanders Charities and Savoy Restaurant. Without you, none of this would have been possible.“Game Over”last_img

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