Best quotes from Lighting, Blue Jackets’ 5-OT epic: ‘I’m tired right now if you guys can’t notice’

first_imgThe Lightning skated away with a 3-2 victory in the fifth overtime on Tuesday night in the very first game of the Stanley Cup playoffs first round.After a crazy-long game (fourth-longest in NHL history) you know the quote machine would be churning, especially when you have John Tortorella involved. … on Seth Jones: “He’s a horse. He could keep on playing if we were still going. He is just relentless with how he plays.”… on Korpisalo: “Yeah Korpi, he was fantastic.”… on how he handles overtimes and what he tells players during intermissions: “We go through the same stuff through the intermissions. I’m not going to talk to you about what we say and what we talk about. We talk about things we need to talk about to get ready for the next period. Here’s a quick recap of the best quotes of the night.Brayden Point (TBL) on where his goal ranks among all the goals he has scored:”Yeah, it’s up there. It’s got to be the biggest I would say. Um, geez, man, I don’t know. Just finally one goes in, I think that’s the emotion. You know, just super excited. But you know, we can’t forget that’s only one game and there’s a lot of series left to be played.”Seth Jones (CBJ) after playing an NHL-record number of minutes:”I feel fine.”By the numbers: Lightning defeat Blue Jackets in 5-OT NHL playoff thrillerYanni Gourde (TBL) on battling mental fatigue:”I think the key is probably, like, getting off the ice when you’re really tired. I mean, keep your shift short and I think by doing that you can avoid making mental mistakes because you’re too tired. I think if you send a French, a fresh — Oh my God, my words are terrible.”My bad. I’m tired right now if you guys can’t notice. Ah, yeah. Send a fresh guy out there it’s much easier.”Pierre-Luc Dubois said the Blue Jackets only had one meal today…at 9 AM.— Joshua Kloke (@joshuakloke) August 12, 2020Jonas Korpisalo (CBJ) on whether Vladislav Gavrikov taking what looked like a shot to the head right before the goal distracted him:”No.”Jon Cooper (TBL) on what he’ll remember most about the game:”How cold my feet were the entire game. … I’ll remember looking at my salmon salad, wanting to eat it the whole time there in the game but I thought that was going to, I don’t know, break up the karma so I stayed hungry.”MORE: How NHL head coaches stay warm in an ice-cold rink (even in the summer)Jon Cooper (TBL) on interaction with the Bruins coaches during overtime:”I’ll give you a funny story. So, we were close to the Boston coaches room and it’s when we went into overtime, I peeked and their door was open and I said, ‘Well, we’re either going to end early or they go long.’ It’s pretty much how overtime is. And sure enough, I think it was before the fifth overtime they were packing up their bags and saying, ‘You were right Coop, it was going long.'”John Tortorella (CBJ) before the news conference even started:”Don’t ask me about the non-call.”Seth Jones (CBJ) on the officiating:”The officiating to me was, I dunno, suspect all night.”MORE: Twitter came with the jokes as Lighting-Blue Jackets play 5-OT thrillerJon Cooper (TBL) on what kind of moment it was to win the game:”You know, the one sad thing about tonight is that you have a game and an effort put out by the two teams that we witness tonight and there was actually nobody in the building to witness it. And to see the excitement on the players when they scored, regardless if there were fans in the building or not.”That’s one thing I’ll remember is you still turn the clock back and they’re still a bunch of kids and they competed their asses off and they get damn excited when they score, especially when they score in the fifth overtime. It just brings you back to the frozen pond. I don’t know, it was a pretty cool moment.”Bruce Cassidy had a slice of pizza while watching that 5OT game.”it was delicious.”Now I want pizza.— Stephen Whyno (@SWhyno) August 12, 2020John Tortorella’s presser, in its entirety, because you know it lasted only two-minutes long:… on the message to the team after a game like this: “Get some rest and get ready to play the next game.”… on whether guys fall back on their ability to rebound: “Yep.”last_img

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