Mobile power ten brands list

although a variety of smart products is indeed brought great convenience, to our life, however, electronic products are naturally power consumption and power consumption, the speed is very fast, so the mobile power will meet the needs of the market and come out. Here, Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten mobile power brand rankings, so that we have a more comprehensive understanding of the mobile power market.

mobile power ten brand ranking first, second electric

is the world’s first electric second mobile power, as early as 2004, the parent company is the second power developed the world’s first portable mobile power products, this is the world’s first " mobile power supply; " product prototype, and won the national utility model patent, is one of the most professional mobile power brand China.


intelligent mobile phone mobile power has reached the international top level in a number of indicators of safety performance, conversion efficiency and so on, the apple class backup battery technology in Apple’s official lab known as the optimal level, is the highest pass rate, conversion rate is the highest, the fastest brand.

mobile power ten brand list of the top second, patriot

patriot mobile power products R & D and production by the patriot patriot AIGO electronic technology limited company, Beijing Huaqi Information Technology Development Co., Ltd., is a high-tech enterprise founded in 1993 in Beijing of Zhongguancun.

mobile power ten brand list of the top third, PISEN

PISEN mobile power is the development and production of Guangdong PISEN electronics Limited by Share Ltd, mobile phones, digital cameras, PDA, PSP, MP3, IPOD, DV and other digital products for mobile charging. In particular, PISEN electric PA series has a patented AC folding plug, do not connect the data cable, plug directly into the power to charge.

PISEN as a pioneer of mobile power, mobile power for several consecutive years won the national sales champion and the first brand name, PISEN electronics has long maintained mobile power industry benchmark enterprise status. Ten years of quality, more than 400 stores across the country, allowing users to enjoy the nearest after-sales service, the appearance of the product is simple and generous, mostly small and compact size, easy to carry.

mobile power ten brands list of the top fourth, Newman

Newman mobile power brand products are fashionable and beautiful appearance, easy to use, efficient, safe and so on. "Lip gloss" "ice cream" series is more suitable for the beauty of women carry. New love peak E10 maximum core capacity of up to 10000mah, equipped with 2 LED lights can be used for lighting, full power >

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