National stadiums set for privatization: Kpege

first_imgDirector-General of the National Sports Authority Joe Kpenge says the decision to go into Public Private Partnership on the facilities of the National Sports Authority is to give them a face-lift and not to sell them off. There were indications government was on the verge of handing over the maintenance of the national stadia to private entrepreneurs following the NSA inability to keep the stadium in shape over the years.Joe Kpenge however insists the NSA will resist any such move and fingers the government for the poor state of the facilities at the stadiums“To be able to take care of our facilities and develop sports this year, we will give you this money and the money is not given to us or you give us only 25 percent and yet the society is expecting us to deliver on the objectives and the mandates they have handed us,” said Mr. Kpenge“We have always kept you inform that this is what is happening to us but i don’t see you going to those places to find out whether you what we are saying is true or not and asking them the hard questions, why is there the law that you should give this people this amount of money this year and you have not given to them? What is going on,? he questioned.“Go to the Ministry of Sports and Finance and tell them this is what the NSA is saying. “We are not handing over government asset to a private person to do whatever he likes with it so be rest assured.”last_img

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