The lowest risk business model to do the first sale of products

generally mentioned business, his mode of thinking is often the first shop, make products, and sales. This model is not impossible, but for those who have limited funds will be a lot of risk.

us with relatively low investment of service industry as an example, for a small advertising design company, in addition to the company to bear the cost of registration fees, rent, the bulk is artificial, equipment maintenance and other expenses. Assuming that the company has 5 people, hire a set of 60 square meters of office, then we may be able to calculate the monthly expenditure:

the monthly expenditure of 26 thousand and 600 yuan has been compressed very much. If the image of the company better, rent a slightly high point of the office, per square meter of spending at least doubled, plus some salary promotion, a small company of 5 people each month thirty thousand or forty thousand daily expenses are normal. If we get 20 million investment, deduction of company registration, equipment procurement, office decoration and other expenses, may be only 150 thousand -16 million yuan in cash flow, if within 4 months without normal operation, the funds will face depletion.

when he made a decision – to go to a farm to do a part-time job, from farm health began to clean. Getting to know the whole process of raising pheasant and the need for technology. But the part-time job can learn nothing, he taught himself to farming techniques, and later through the farm colleagues came to another farm specialized technical work, learning by doing, it took 4 months to make up for the technology and experience.

The value of

"latent" in learning.

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