Wuhan opened the camp changed to increase the pilot started second campaign

The implementation of

policy can not be separated from the active cooperation of relevant departments. Related local units can be combined with the latest technology to improve the efficiency of the people to actively solve the problem. For the specific circumstances we look at the relevant reports.

6 at the beginning of the month, Wuhan Dong Ting Yu Real Estate Co. Ltd. opened in the IRS District of Hongshan completed the first month of the tax, the sales income of 5 million 121 thousand and 700 yuan, 276 thousand and 200 yuan to pay vat. This is the camp changed to increase the overall expansion of Wuhan Wai Wai, the first camp to increase the success of the enterprise to declare VAT, marking the city of Wuhan opened the camp changed to increase the pilot started second campaign.

the company accountant Zhu Huali excitedly told reporters, did not expect the first declaration so smoothly. She admitted that the tax is more complex than the original business tax, to fill in a declaration form, but the Hongshan IRS guidance work to do well, not only organized a number of training industry policy, taxpayers familiar with tax policy as soon as possible, the development of "easy fill" simulation software, the correct fill in the declaration of taxpayer counseling table.

Hongshan IRS tax service chief Wei Rong told reporters, Hongshan IRS organized nearly 30 people on the distribution of tax source management department and the tax service hall, the taxpayer of value-added tax returns for taxpayers in the pre-trial classification, timely correct the errors in the process of reporting, the convenience of taxpayers completed VAT declaration.

it is reported that the Hongshan IRS tax service hall is located in the core business district, is one of the most busy tax service hall for the city of Wuhan, 1280 passengers daily average taxpayer. For the first month of replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) declaration, the Bureau opened a 5 window for replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) tax declaration, ensure smooth declaration.

the Secretary Lu Yun introduced in June is the first reporting period of the general taxpayer, July will be replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) small-scale taxpayers to declare the peak, Hongshan IRS will take various measures to strengthen the publicity, training and coaching, open up "Internet plus wisdom tax" self-help tax special hall for the taxpayer to declare more simple and fast.

the development of the economy, the implementation of the policy, the relevant departments in the very good implementation, and constantly improve their efficiency, help to establish a good image of the people, is conducive to gaining popularity!

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