Garins: Why the whole of Guimbal?

first_img“It’snot something nga makatilingala sa amon,”she said, noting that the persons who tested positive for the disease in herhometown were relatives. Datafrom the Iloilo Provincial Population Office showed Guimbal having a populationof 35,601 as of 2018. Colada,on the other, urged the people of Guimbal not to panic. TheGarin sisters’ father, Oscar, is the mayor of Guimbal. He could not be reachedfor comment as of this writing. Thefirst Guimbal resident – a 59-year-old male – to test positive for COVID-19 andbecame Region 6’s Patient No. 2 apparently infected his househelp, a51-year-old woman (now the region’s Patient No. 18). Garinwondered if the DOH guidelines on addressing the COVID-19 pandemic includemaking all residents of a town PUMs if local disease transmission has beenconfirmed. Sheappealed for help from DOH-6, the provincial government and other concernedgovernment agencies. The local government of Guimbal could not possiblyshoulder all the food requirements of its residents, she said. “Kon PUMs ang tanan nga taga-Guimbal, indina sila ka gwa. Paano sila makabakal bulong, pagkaon,” asked Garin. Garinplayed down the local transmission of COVID-19 in Guimbal. “Ano ang basis? Can they show to us properdocuments kon ano ang protocol,” saidColada over DyOK Aksyon Radyo Iloilo. “Gaannila kami sina, ukon halin man kay governor kay masunod kami.” Iloilo’s Vice Gov. Christine Garin. IAN PAUL CORDERO/PN ILOILO– Impractical. This was how the Garins, the political kingpins in the 1stDistrict, described the Department of Health (DOH) Region 6’s decision toclassify as persons under monitoring (PUMs) all of Guimbal town’s residents. Hersister, Vice Mayor Jennifer Garin-Colada, expressed a similar sentiment. “Kon practicability ang hambalan, ang mga barangays sangGuimbal layu-anay ang distansya. Kon may PUMskita that’s understandable. But tani kon diin nga barangay lang ang(COVID-19) case, not the whole town,” said Garin yesterday. Whilethere is an ongoing quarantine, she said, essential goods and basic necessitiesremain accessible in establishments that are allowed to continue operating./PN Themore practicable thing to do, according to Vice Gov. Christine Garin who wasformerly a mayor of Guimbal, was to consider as PUMs only the residents of thebarangay where Guimbal’s two confirmed cases of coronavirus disease 2019(COVID-19) hailed. “Thoseundergoing home quarantine shall be prohibited to leave their rooms/homes wherethey are quarantined until they have been certified by the local healthofficial to have finished the 14-day requirement for quarantine procedures,”read part of the guidelines (II. Guidelines, C) issued on Feb. 17, 2020(Department Memorandum No. 2020-0090). Coladalamented that the 14-day (March 13 to March 26) home quarantine of people whohad close contact with Patient No. 2 had just ended but now they have toundergo another two-week quarantine because of DOH-6’s latest PUM declaration. UnderDOH’s interim guidelines on the management of PUMs, these people must besubject to home quarantine for 14 days. Guimbalhas over 4,000 households, she added. ViceGovernor Garin assured DOH-6 the municipality of Guimbal would abide by thelatter’s decision, including what the regional health office said was an“automatic” home quarantining of the municipality’s residents for 14 days.last_img

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