Legalisation of prostitution failing – John Key

first_img3 News 12 Nov 2012The Prime Minister believes the legalisation of prostitution has failed to safeguard sex workers and bring a halt to underage prostitution. The Auckland Council is today taking argument for and against a super-brothel near the Sky Tower. The Prostitution Reform Act passed in 2003 but John Key told James Coleman that it has failed to meet its aims. “Has it worked or probably not, there are still a lot of reports of young people being engaged in prostitution well and truly below the age which Parliament set which was 18.” Opponents of the super-brothel warn it’ll change the character of part of the city and hurt its image. Chch building demolished to deter prostitutesNZ Herald 12 Nov 2012An abandoned earthquake damaged block of flats in Christchurch has been bulldozed in a bid to stop prostitutes working from there. The move is the latest initiative to try to stop sex workers using residential areas to ply their trade. Long suffering residents around the St Albans and Edgeware area have been calling for action for months. City councillor Aaron Keown, who has been helping residents, said street prostitutes were taking their customers to an abandoned St Albans property on the corner of Purchas St and Bishop St. “There was a two-storey building, where there were three or four flats. Beside them was a set of garages which was quite well covered and that’s where the prostitutes were taking their customers,” he said. “The neighbours to the property alerted to me that was where the prostitutes were going and it was really quite disgusting,” he said. “There was all sorts of paraphernalia, used condoms and wrappers – it really was a health hazard.”

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