Vigilance these problems can avoid the loss of competitiveness

if the opening of the store is not competitive, then investors may be sad, which means that the store is about to face the consequences of bankruptcy. So what is the problem of the franchise lost competitiveness? The following questions should not be ignored, there are plans to join the shop to be a good understanding of.

1, franchise product structure is irrational

2, franchise for the reaction of the competition lag

when the market has changed in time, the franchise still thinks that no matter follow up; when the competitive brand has played on brand lift price war banner, you even shot a gun are not ready; when sales for the store does not accept the culture or treatment is too low and have to leave, but you always do not think about how to enhance our cohesion, retain talent…… So what does this store rely on to attract customers, improve sales performance?

3, the overall quality and business ability is not high

4, store image is not prominent

this is many stores is the biggest weakness, leading to the store will not be able to maximize attract customers. A chain of students believe that if the store image is weaker than the competitive brand, the attractiveness of the customer will be greatly reduced. Image is the facade of the terminal, if the image is not good, the choice of the brand is bound to cause a lot of customer psychological implications, and ultimately affect the customer’s purchase decision, the direct result is the decline in terminal sales.

The above is

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