Cultivation of Chinese medicine to promote the whole valley entrepreneurial wealth

China’s traditional Chinese medicine has not been recognized by the international community, mainly in the domestic use. But with Tu after winning the Nobel prize, the Chinese medicine market and the outward expansion of hope. To the town in Henan, Yang village with Chinese medicine planting house, opened a business breakout of the war.

as village cadres, Yang Chunjie decided to stir up the burden, as the Xinmi City Fushan planting cooperatives responsible person. In his drive and branch mobilization, the transfer of hundreds of acres of land contracted out. Contract land, what kind, how kind? After many failures, Yang Chunjie into confusion.

face growers who doubts, Yang Chunjie did not flinch, he has been to Yuzhou Chinese herbal medicine market to see the market, please technical personnel to the village site inspection of soil. After investigation, although the slope of the green house is not fertile, but suitable for the growth of many Chinese herbal medicines. Moreover, in recent years, the state has introduced policies to encourage the development of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine with minor side effects, the advantages of pure natural re affirmed by the people, a lot of Chinese herbal medicine market is getting better. The results of the investigation so that he is full of confidence in the cultivation of Chinese herbal medicines, in February 2014, he took out his contract of more than and 20 acres of land began to plant Chinese medicine.

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