We bring you a new calendar of holidays in Croatia

first_imgThis morning, the 183rd session of the Government of the Republic of Croatia was held in Banski dvori, where the Government of the Republic of Croatia sent amendments to the Holidays Act for public consultation. Croats are known for combining holidays with extended weekends. According to the proposal, almost all holidays fall during the week, so we can certainly count on the fact that this year, fortunately for all tourism workers, it will be popular to combine holidays for an extended weekend. It is now up to you to prepare interesting offers and motives for coming, in order to attract citizens to visit your tourist destination as part of an extended weekend. We bring you a new list of holidays as well as commemorations. If someone was looking forward to having more non-working days in a year, they will unfortunately be disappointed. There is no increase in the number of working days, but it is still a total of 13 non-working days. According to the proposal, Statehood Day should again be celebrated on May 30, and the current Independence Day, October 8, should be a commemorative and working day in the future. Source: Government of the Republic of Croatialast_img

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