Pula one step closer to the construction of a cruise terminal

first_imgPula is a big step closer to the construction of a cruise terminal in the port, which in the future can bring over 200 cruise arrivals and more than half a million passengers. For comparison, in recent years there have been about 60 cruise ship arrivals with less than 10.000 passengers, writes Voice of Istria. The ship’s passenger terminal in the port of Pula would be built north of the waterfront, on the stretch of Cape Guc. The construction of the terminal would ensure the possibility of mooring as many as three ships, and an additional advantage is that ships can enter and leave the terminal much easier because the depth of the sea there is 12 meters. The plan is to build three terminals, a pier and other ancillary facilities for ships. In the first phase, the construction of a terminal, a 400-meter-long pier, which would be connected to the mainland, is planned.”Just last week, we received a statement from the Ministry of Finance on the project of building a maritime passenger terminal in the port of Pula on Cape Guc. After we reported this project to the Ministry of Economy on the list of projects of strategic importance for the Republic of Croatia, the ministry asked all other ministries to comment on the project, which we worked on in cooperation with the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure. The obtained statement of the Ministry of Finance is without objections, especially since we have already prepared a Feasibility Study and Cost Analysis. Now we have to make an investment plan for a five-year period. In addition, we received 65.000 euros to conduct seabed testing, ie to conduct geomechanical research. Everything to see how the project would develop and how the construction would be done ”, he told Glas Istre Director of the Port of Pula Donald de Gravisi on the terminal project in the Port of Pula, due to which the then State Office for State Property Management (DUUDI) allocated for permanent use to the Port of Pula 14 hectares of state land in Vellelung.The entire project, from the construction of the coast and all facilities, ie complete infrastructure, would cost from 120 to 150 million euros. By the way, last year the number of trips of foreign ships for cruises decreased by 16,2%, and the number of passengers on these ships decreased by 13,3% compared to the same period in 2016. The total number of days of ships in the same period decreased by 16,9%Attachment: Feasibility study / cost-benefit analysis of the construction of a passenger terminal in PulaRELATED NEWS: LESS AND LESS CRUISES ON THE ADRIATIClast_img

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