Selected first products with the Lika Quality label

first_imgA year and nine months ago, LAG LIKA launched the project of integrated economic development INTEGRA LIKA 2020, with the aim of branding the destination Lika and the sub-Velebit coast. As part of this project, the Gastro-Lika project is being implemented in order to brand the gastro-destination, and the LIKA QUALITY regional quality label project has been designed and implemented.Lika Quality is a regional sign of quality of food, souvenirs and services in the destination area, which includes the wider area of ​​Lika and the sub-Velebit coast (Lika Destination). The mark is protected as a guarantee trademark in the State Office for the Protection of Intellectual Property of the Republic of Croatia, and the holder is the Local Action Group Lika (LAG LIKA), which is the originator and implementer of the project.In addition to branding the gastro-destination, the Lika Quality Label will enable a significant presence of local products in the local market. The Lika Quality regional system is guided by the philosophy of sustainable development, and the purpose of the Lika Quality Label is to brand locally produced food and souvenirs and create a recognizable gastro – destination.The public call for the award of the regional quality label Lika Quality was announced on May 23 this year, and 14 local producers applied for the public call. “Manufacturers have nominated a total of 43 products for the use of the Lika Quality Label, of which 39 products have passed expert examination at the sessions of the body for the selection of users of the Lika Quality. The award ceremony for the first 39 products was solemnly held on June 28, and in this way Lika products finally received the well-deserved label that classifies quality local products in the so-called premium category. ” stand out from Lag LikaKudos to LAG Lika, the ambassadors of Croatian tourism who show how anything is possible when proactive and quality people come together. Everything is up to us, and LAG Lika is a real example of how a local and authentic tourist destination is developed through effort and work.Related news: NEW GREAT STORY FROM LIKA AND A REAL EXAMPLE OF TOURISM DEVELOPMENT! GASTRONOMICAL OFFER OF GASTRO LIKA PRESENTEDlast_img

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