Chongqing RS camp changed to make repeated tax problems to be cracked

go out as long as there is a cost, you may need to bear a certain amount of taxes and fees, which is a lot of people do not know the fact, but it has been constantly pay a variety of costs. 3 years ago, you take the light rail and subway in Chongqing, every one yuan note in paragraph 3, money is used to pay taxes. In accordance with the prevailing tax system, the transport industry business tax rate of 3%.

, including rail transportation, including the entire transportation industry, in the purchase of materials, infrastructure construction and other aspects, have been taxed. The tax basis is the industry’s operating income, output value is not new. In other words, the objective existence of double taxation.

duplication of taxes bring high tax burden, resulting in more investment in rail transit construction in Chongqing, the greater the loss. What should I do? Camp changed to increase so that the problem can be cracked.

enterprise burden light

in accordance with the plan, by 2020, Chongqing will build over 400 kilometers of rail transit network, the average daily passenger volume will reach 6 million times. Rail transit fare revenue, is an important way to raise funds for the construction of the track. If the tax rate is too high, will affect the progress of the construction of Chongqing rail transit.

2013 7 years ago, the Chongqing rail traffic ticket income of 475 million yuan, a total of 14 million 260 thousand yuan to pay sales tax. In August of this year, Chongqing rail transit into the camp changed to increase pilot. This year in August -12 month, the ticket income of 613 million yuan, shall pay the value-added tax of 67 million 100 thousand yuan, but the input tax 184 million yuan. Not only after the deduction of tax generated, there are nearly 117 million yuan to keep the tax (tax deductible).

Chongqing Railway Group Finance Minister Zhu Qiaoyun introduction, "replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) pilot for nearly 4 years, reducing the tax burden of more than 130 million rail group, which does not include the 1 billion 800 million tax allowances.

and rail transit group from the camp changed to increase in the benefit, as well as rural base. In recent years, the catering industry profits increasingly thin, facing great pressure of rural base. After the camp changed to increase, the company procurement of materials and materials, water and electricity costs, leasing, etc. can be achieved, effectively reducing the repeated tax. From May to August this year, the village based tax reduction amounted to 11 million 207 thousand and 800 yuan, which is equivalent to the rural base in 2015 profit of 1/5.

promotes public entrepreneurship

look at the construction industry. In June this year, the China Metallurgical Construction Group the first declaration of value-added tax, VAT 3 million 770 thousand yuan, while in the old tax system should pay business tax 3 million 880 thousand yuan, 110 thousand yuan of direct taxes; in July, enterprises adopt general tax tax method of the project, achieved 8 million 990 thousand yuan of tax deductible, Invoicing balance also produced 4 million 370 thousand yuan the recommended tax allowances

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