Chinese entrepreneurs youth feast 80 the rise of 90

has a policy support, with the help of social forces, China entrepreneurs really ushered in the golden age". And now the entrepreneurial groups, 80, 90 has been rising, the green is a witness to the young entrepreneurs miracle.


2016 in March 12th, the Youth Exchange "Internet plus double Chinese Changsha launching ceremony cum Green Exchange settled in Hunan successfully concluded Changsha! For this event, many young people home exchange, continuous working round the clock for several days, finally trust. At the moment of the end of the ceremony, hardships, sweat, joy, touched countless emotions gushing out, this is the season of youth, this is youth feast.

in the morning


ready for the guests arrived at the scene, etc.. This is not long, boss has not sat, led by people in front of the hotel guests. Hey, not next to Tianxin District had secretary? Good morning to wow, there is an active and responsible government leaders in our youth exchange why not fire?

12, the ceremony is extraordinary, a former chairman of the CPPCC Hunan province Liu Fusheng Hunan, former deputy director of the Standing Committee Zhu Dongyang and other senior leadership back to the scene, Changsha vice mayor Zhang Yingchun, Tianxin District Secretary Ceng Chaoqun and other government leaders to talk about policy, have a long dry boss, founder of Department of East rich sea fund partner Wang Xin, UNITA business etc. a lot of analysis Internet plus double, with singer Chen Xing, magician Qin Dongfang’s stunning performance, there are young entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship experience sharing.


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