John Mayer Surprises Jimmy Kimmel Audiences With A Disguise Before Playing With His Band [Watch]

first_imgJust as he promised, guitarist/singer/songwriter John Mayer has been releasing songs from his new album, The Search For Everything, at a pace of four per month. After gracing fans with four songs in January, Mayer doubled the length of the album with four additional releases last week. The 14-track release is expected later this Spring.In support of this new music, Mayer performed last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live – only he did so in full costume and under the name “Knutley,” who was there to promote his upcoming album “Knutley In Your Face!”. The under-cover Mayer bantered throughout the program, characterizing himself as a self-obsessed and obnoxious rockstar.Toward the end of the program, Knutley stepped forward and revealed himself to be John Mayer, explaining: “Ed Sheeran is killing it right now. And I thought maybe if I played a different person, I could get another chance to make it.” Watch how it goes down:Then, his band emerges and they perform “Still Feel Like Your Man,” featuring bassist Pino Palladino and drummer Steve Jordan. About the new track, he tells Rolling Stone: “This is my little engine that could” because “the title itself had lyrics blowing out of it from every corner.” For this tune, the lyrics came first and the music after – his favorite being “I still keep your shampoo in the shower, in case you want to wash your hair.”last_img

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