How to open a flower shop planning

saw the flower shop business is booming, has opened a flower shop plan, but do not know how to make a flower shop planning. In fact, a florist’s internal division is far more important than the display and merchandise. You can’t make your customers feel that your store is out of order. At design time, you also have to consider the holiday season and the necessary rotation rotation, convenient adjustment. And the details are also important, rest area, cashier, must be convenient for customers. So how do we need to do, we have to explain.


a good flower shop, is the need for a reasonable division, we will be divided into: flower shop, display area, cold storage, cashier, customer rest area. The work area is special, bag flower and ikebana place. This place is designed to be separated from the display area. After all, when it’s done, it’s full of rotten leaves and wrapping paper. Our service is to let customers see the perfect results. In addition, the work room needs to be close to the cold storage (warehouse), so it is convenient to take the material.


the first time a customer enters a florist, let her see the goods displayed on your shelf. So it is best to keep the fresh cabinet in front of the door. In addition to the display of goods, need to have a variety of price, as much as possible to attract customers to buy.

laminate display:

florist’s display frame in the settings, you can embed along the wall, when the design can not be too prominent, so as not to block the customer channel. In height, the height of the normal line of sight should not be too high or too low. In addition, the design of the display, you need to consider the theme and holiday replacement decoration convenience. If not, then, if necessary, do some extra packaging on the board (paper, cloth wrap, change the external image, match the theme and festivals).

rest area:

in your flower shop, you need a table and a few seats for the rest of the customer. On this table, you can put some products to customers. If conditions permit, put a pair of small sofa or comfortable soft sofa, so long negotiations, you can facilitate the customer, so that customers better choice.


it is necessary to have a well designed florist cashier. When customers pay or sign the bill, without bending over. On top of the cashier, or on the computer, put a "cashier" logo, convenient customer identification. The position of the cashier, also need to plan, can not enter the customer

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