What are the problems that can be used for reference by cigarette retailers

cigarette retail households in the course of the operation is often very easy to appear a variety of problems, some problems are actually a lot of retail households have appeared, just need to learn from experience can be solved. I visited the market, often dealing with the retailer, their cultural level is uneven, the problems are the few things through all sorts of strange things, and to remind the majority of retailers, such as encountered similar incidents, reference.

What is the payment status on the

cigarette distribution sheet?

has a retail household to take a cigarette distribution list to ask, said the payment on the list of payment status is not paid? I took a look at the list, that really is, I also feel strange, go to the next door there take retail distribution of single point of view, the above are paid. Why is this? In order to timely release of doubt, I immediately contact the higher authorities.

after communication that, such a situation is very rare, mainly because the retail households in the smoke has not been the actual buckle, the distribution has been printed out. This kind of situation will not have any impact on retailers and companies, not to worry about the tobacco companies will charge again, because the company has to deliver the goods delivered. Retail households can not worry about similar problems.

and also have a login?

received a phone call from the retail household, said to be able to enter the order system, but also that there is no prompt, enter the license number and password, verification code, the show is successful, the page is still in the original page. Successful? The implementation of such a long time online ordering system, has never heard of the success of such a verification tips. With such questions, I visited the site of the retail stores.

I went to the

shop, open the computer, click on a desktop computer and log device, the author is the first time to see such a login, retailers re login again, did not succeed. I feel very strange, so minimize the login, turn the page, enter the order URL, and then enter the license number, password and verification code, log in, success. At this point, troubleshooting.

after the communication that his computer problems, the trustee to Xiamen to repair, he orders are also using website orders, but they came back and said he got a more convenient login, you can use this order, he logged in, but has not logged in, so there at the beginning the scene. It is understood that such a sign may be elsewhere ordering system. In order to remind retailers, the local market order system to order directly through the web, and no login.

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