Open up new marketing channels to make shop business more popular

traditional marketing faces the competition is more and more intense, if you want to make the store more profitable, naturally also need to take some marketing strategy. Since 2005 set up shop so far, I have been digging, although the system is not necessarily a small amount of profit margins, which is what I want to say to broaden the effectiveness of effective sales channels.

postal convenience service station

service station the main category of service: payment of electricity bills, telephone bills, gas fees; purchasing tickets, movie tickets, Alipay etc.. My shop is located in the main road of Fuzhou 54 Commercial Center, in addition to residential areas around, more office buildings. We are busy with work, hope to pay such details with someone else, I was aiming for the "trouble" opportunities, to the post office for convenience service station.

the second to get convenient customer to my store had a "sense of dependence", a lot of customers to pay at the same time also can easily buy a pack of cigarettes, buy a bottle of drink. In addition, now the popularity of online shopping, the use of Alipay’s people is increasing, I shop also started Alipay recharge service, young people come to the shop to buy more things up.

open lottery

since I shop selling lottery, many customers will be holding a play of mind with a few in the purchase of tobacco scraping, therefore I also prepared the small tea table, let customers can rest while smoking, while scratch, especially in the summer, the store often gathered 35 shade the guest chat lottery scratch lottery, awfully!

once, one of the guests to buy 30 tickets "not a scratch game", I see the frustration he prepared to leave the store, he quickly stopped him, handed him a cigarette and said: "love, want to buy, you have earned!" He lit a cigarette and nodded, and said: "also."

I work every day, even if the goods are not gifts, I always give a smile.


opened the two marketing channels, and my customers are no longer strangers, and become intimate friend. More importantly, the above convenience measures, gathered more popularity. The people in the shop more, tobacco, food and beverage sales will naturally go up.

now no matter what a cell has a lot of convenience stores, if not truly for the people to provide some convenient services, I am afraid it is difficult to get people’s approval, so the store business is naturally very unfavorable. So, if you are the owner of a retail store, you will open up some marketing channels?

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